with unique combination of:
1) life impulses in a character beauty surrounding reflecting the beauty of Jesus
2) life insight from interactive devotion times
3) paradisiac nature free from civilization disturbances

Our physical recreation is enriched by spiritual and emotional experiences by share of faith messages, personal stories, miracles, songs and worship time.






We start our first camp days in the majestic Pirin National Park above magnificent fir forest in an alpine landscape decorated by more than 160 lakes as well as many rivers, mountain peaks and waterfalls. Standing amidst all this natural beauty is indescribable experience! Inexpressible diversity of frequently changing pictures will fascinate your mind! The love and intelligence of Your heavenly Friend is everywhere around you, making a deep impression on the mind. This atmosphere elevates a breakthrough in your search for a loving Creator, as you come near to God. Devotions will be held close to picturesque lakes where we will make rest during our hiking day, and enjoy the lunch time picknick in beautiful surroundings.

We will hike along creeks, waterfalls, rivers and lakes. But even at that altitude of approximately 2200 meters you can enjoy swimming or simply refreshing by the clear mountain water - a pleasant and healthful experience! It is healthy also to consult us bringing discreetness and safety. Hiking trip to the 'Sinanitsa' hut, 2185 m.a.s.l., an optional climb to the Vihren peak 2914 m.a.s.l. are only few of the highlights. 'Vihren' chalet, 1950 m.a.s.l. can be reached (3 times a day) by public bus transport from the winter resort Bansko (16 km away), as well as by taxi. Every chalet offers a restaurant with simple mountain menus and an outside terrace. 'Bezbog' chalet, 2240 m.a.s.l. offers apartments and double rooms with separate bathroom. It can be reached by using the chair lift from the 'Gotse Delchev' chalet which is located just above the village 'Dobrinishte'.

Although the weather during the day is usually warm you are well advised to bring a water proof jacket also for the case of a sudden cooling of the mountainous climate. You have the opportunity to swim in mountain lakes or enjoy even waterfalls, but a word of caution - the water temperature (around 16° C) can be really cold and thus dangerous for your cardio vascular system. Be careful about possible treacherous surface under the water as well. You need:
- sun protection hat/cap and cream
- comfortable, no slippery shoes
- a water proof jacket

The hiking duration per day is about 4 hours and 30 minutes at altitude about 2000-2400 m.a.s.l. Rescue operation insurance will be offered. However you need a normal physical condition as you participate at your own risk.

The airports Sofia and Plovdiv (~2,5 hour away) are very suitable to arrive to the Pirin National Park, the Vihren chalet above the winter resort Bansko or to the Bezbog chalet above the Dobrinishte village.


The summer at the sea coast in Bulgaria begins in mid-May and lasts till early-mid October. Sea water temperature during the summer month august is usually around 27 degrees. (In August 2010 seawater temperature reached a record +32C.) Air temperatures in summer usually vary between 20-25 degrees in the night and 27-35 during the day. The sea coast climate is very pleasant and comfortable because of the fresh breeze. In June, July and August temperatures above 40 C are rare, but possible. You need hat/cap and sun protection cream. You do not need to expose your skin to direct sun light, as your skin is probably not adapted. Be careful about Christian appearance - cover your skin! We will visit very quiet and pure nature surroundings and beaches as we want to protect you from worldly, degrading and crowded areas. For Christian and respect reasons we will offer beach area for Christian fellowship as well as different remote beach areas for men/boys and women/girls. The Christian fellowship area between will be reserved for Christian conversations, singing and enjoying the nature by appropriate clothes. Men please wear throusers or 3/4 throusers. Women/girls please follow the modesty of beauty and Christian taste carrying rocks. We are going to have romantic bible devotions on beaches with no people as well as fruit picnics and sharing of personal testimonies amidst an unique combination of fir forest hills, sea coast landscape and hills.

Вы утомились? Думаете, что настало время для перемен, чтобы улучшить качество жизни и открыть для себя новые возможности?  

Тогда эта возможность отдохнуть и приобрести новые силы для вас! В этом лагере вы отвлечётесь от “бешенного” ритма жизни и повседневной рутины, насладитесь великолепными пейзажами - впечатляющие пики гор, красивые озёра, реки, холмы и леса в Национальном парке, а также на побережье Чёрного Моря (мы будем жить всего лишь в нескольких минутах ходьбы от пляжа). Наша команда, вдохновлённая любовью Иисуса, работает над тем, чтобы сделать этот лагерь благословенным духовным опытом для вас. Узнайте, как сила Божия помогает вам стать тем, кем задумал вас Бог! Не упустите этот шанс!   Мы с нетерпением ждём встречи.

Уморен ли си? Bъртележката на живота ли те изтощава? Мислиш, че е време за качествен живот?

Това ни дава възможност да избегнем забързания начин на живот, докато се наслаждаваме на прекрасния пейзаж, внушителни върхове, красиви езера, реки, хълмове и гори в Национален парк Пирин, както и на брега на Черно море само на няколко минути от спокойни плажове - best backgrounds to share personal testimonies witnessing the Love of Jesus.
Вдъхновени от любовта на Исус компетентен екип работи за да направи този лагер едно благословено духовно преживяване за вас.
Божията сила те освобождава да бъдеш човекът, който си създаден да бъдеш! Очакваме това време заедно!
Priatelska kompania prekarvashta vreme zaedno s cel zapisi na hristianski vesti, vzaimno duhovno nasarchenie i pochivka.

Wir organisieren Ausflüge in Hochgebirgen, Wanderungen, Picknicks auf sonnigen Wiesen - geeignete Kulisse für Entspannung.

Weiter hast Du die Wahl zwischen leichten Sportaktivitäten wie z. B. Baden in Bergseen oder Spaziergängen an der Küste und Joggen am Strand. Auch biblische Andachten werden wir an einem malerischen Bergsee oder an einem menschenleeren Strand halten. Dort können wir auch Erfahrungen aus dem Leben austauschen und gemeinsam singen. Hierfür werden wir (hauptsächlich) unberuehrte naturbelassene Strände nutzen.
Das Angebot kann Hotelunterkunft inklusive Frühstück, Mittag- und Abendessen, sowie auch Sightseing-Trips miteinschliessen oder wahlweise nur Teile davon.
Für Deine Gesundheit und Wohlbefinden koennen wir (reichlich) wohlschmeckende, vegetarische Ernährung aus sonnengereiftem Obst und Gemüse mit eigener Zubereitung oder optionsweise Restaurantbesuche bieten.

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   23-30.7. | Pirin National Park (1900-2914 masl)
   15-19.6.2018 | Pamporovo Rhodope mountains (~ 1800 masl) | Relax [www.pamporovo.me] & Adventure [www.chairi.com]

   21-28.8. / Sinemoretz resort
   20-30.6.2018 / Shkorpilovtsi resort

Please specify your

I want to contribute to the program by





I grant the European Youth the permission to make photo and video records during the summer camp for advertisement and gospel share purposes.
I will keep Christian guidelines in my behaviour, appearance and modesty (in accordance to the Wittness of Jesus).
I will support the event quality by active help in holiness. I will keep the time schedule - 9:30pm sleep time, 5:30am wake up time, 7am breakfast, 8am outdoor walk.
I will keep myself blessed by personal devotion between 5:30am and 6:30am, actively participating the morning (6:45am) and evening devotion (5:45pm).


For reservations: [click here]
If you have any questions,
please call us: +44.7876342609 +359.892734456 +359.882890194
or write us: [email@eyc.eu]

Please consider in time
- low cost tickets: two months before, see e.g. momondo.com
- inland airport pick up and bring service for groups

Creative contributions
Use your talents for the blessing of others. Please inform us for any desired contribution - moderate devotions, perform a song, play music, share testimony, record favourite verses!
Personal support
You may like to share your burdens or joy as you need support in prayer, or
search for christian friends (even close to where you are living). We may be able to help.